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Ferguson Police defy Justice Department on Name Tags

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Thomas Jackson, Asshole of the Day for August 15, 2014

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Ferguson Police Chief spent the morning going over documents and video tape related to a nearby theft that Michael Brown was a suspect in. Robbery. Top suspect.

Then after all that, Chief Jackson said this afternoon:

“The initial contact between the officer and Mr. Brown was not related to the robbery,” Thomas Jackson, the police chief, said during a news conference Friday afternoon.

Rather, it stemmed from the fact that Brown and his friend were “walking down the street blocking traffic,” Jackson said.

So then Brown wasn’t shot because he was a suspect fleeing a petty crime— not that fleeing a theft is grounds for shooting— but for how he handled being stopped for jaywalking. Jaywalking.

So why did Chief Jackson spend all morning on the robbery details? By his own admission now, those details played NO ROLE in the shooting. NONE.

Hmmm. Here’s a few thoughts that I flagged on Twitter today, which I think get to the heart of it:

So the robbery played no part, but Chief Jackson spent all morning smearing a man his officer killed over a jaywalking encounter. And that is why he is the Asshole of the Day.

It is Thomas Jackson’s first time as Asshole of the Day.

Full story: Washington Post.

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When The Media Treats White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victicms.









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om the moment Los Angeles police handcuffed him, Jorge Azucena told officers he needed help.

"I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe," he pleaded. "I have asthma, I have asthma."

In the half-hour or so after his arrest late one night last September, Azucena said over and over that he was struggling for breath. Numerous LAPD officers and sergeants heard his pleas for medical attention but ignored them even as his condition visibly worsened.

"You can breathe just fine," one sergeant told him. "You can talk, so you can breathe."

Azucena could not walk or stand by the time officers brought him to a South Los Angeles police station for booking. So they carried him into a cell, leaving him lying face-down on the floor. He was soon unconscious. When paramedics arrived shortly after, Azucena’s heart had stopped.

The chilling account of how Azucena died is told in two reports made public this week. After a Times article last year on the circumstances surrounding Azucena’s death, the reports offer new details into the man’s desperate and futile attempts to convince officers his lungs were succumbing to what coroner’s officials determined was most likely an asthma attack.

Nearly a year after Azucena’s death, LAPD officials have not yet determined whether any of the officers involved that night should be disciplined for failing to summon help and, in the case of some officers, for lying to investigators. Nine officers and two sergeants are the subjects of ongoing internal investigations, while another sergeant under scrutiny recently retired, said Capt. Paul Snell, who commands the LAPD’s Southwest Division, where the death occurred. As is customary, prosecutors from the county district attorney’s office are reviewing the case to determine whether the inaction amounts to criminal behavior.

"There should not be any question that when somebody in custody is heard to say ‘I cannot breathe,’ the officers should promptly call for an ambulance," said Robert Saltzman, a member of the Police Commission that oversees the LAPD.

Through a spokesman, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck declined to comment.

it’s been a whole fucking year. smfh. this is what the nypd is going to try too. they are going to just try and wait us out. keep stalling and hope that we just forget about eric garner.

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Dash Cam video of South Carolina Trooper Sean Groubert shooting Levar Jones, an unarmed black man

Ohio grand jury: No indictments in John Crawford Walmart shooting

So let me get this straight…


The Ferguson police department was forced to release an incident report with the freedom of information act by the ACLU.  When the ACLU gets the report it only has Michael Brown’s date of death and nothing about the incident and it was filed two days ago.

So that means that the Darren Wilson never filed an incident report on killing a young man and his superiors covered that up by approving and making up an incident report.

But he’s only on administrative leave?

Right.  America.

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And which groups were actually doing bad in each situation…?

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